Stacking tray wormery


A Wormery is an easy method of composting your food and paper/cardboard waste, producing wormcast which is the best natural fertiliser available to man. Starting at the lower trays, waste is added. As the trays fill, the worms work their way upwards leaving vermicompost in their wake. Most things that have once lived can be added but worms have their likes and dislikes - see our 'Composting with Worms' page for more details.


Stacking tray wormeries were designed to create lots of surface area out of a compact design. The trays also mean that it is easy to maintain and move, even for children! - no great strength needed! The number of worms in a wormery is driven largely by surface area. Composting ability/capacity is driven by worm numbers and temperature, so deeper trays with a higher volume it does not mean they will compost more waste; For instance, one big vertical dustbin might have a big volume but only has a small surface area meaning it doesn't make a good design for a wormery. You need a high surface area to volume ratio.It is number of trays and surface area that is one of the most important aspects of having a successful wormery, not volume, which is of some importance but only in relation to surface area. I commercially farm worms in big trays but the depth of medium/compost in these trays is only 2-3 inches because I know it is pointless having it any deeper.


In order for any wormery to have a good start rather than waiting for a long time before it is fully operational, you need to start with an adequate number of worms. Don't be fooled by an ambiguous 'plenty', you may end up disappointed. 500g of worms is the minimum we would recommend, but the ideal quantity is 1kg of worms.




- We supply the correct weight of worms, in the correct packaging, in the correct amount of worm bedding. The worms are carefully mixed with a special mix of up to 4 different types of worm bedding and placed carefully in a 5 litre bucket on the same day as they are sent. This helps to ensure that the worms are happy in their new home. 

Established Worm Works Because we are worm  farmers we can provide  you with greater value for  money by supplying you  with the correct weight of  worms for your wormery,  required both for digesting  waste and breeding. The  'engine' of a wormery is  worms, if you don't have  enough worms for your  wormery you can't expect  it to perform.  We go the  extra mile and supply our  worms in a bucket with  compost that they are  used to containing  cocoons ready to hatch  into young worms.




The advantages of buying a wormery as supplied by us:

  • Some suppliers of these wormeries only supply them with a small number of worms. It is our belief that 150 grams of worms or less is not a sufficient number of worms for your wormery to have a realistic chance of success. The time required for those worms to breed up to sufficient numbers to digest a worthwhile amount of scraps would make even the most patient person frustrated.

We have chosen to supply the Worm Works wormery predominately with the more acid and moisture tolerant Dendrobaena worms. You may receive a handful of tiger worms in your bucket as some people like to have a mix of worms.

Please order a Fishing Wormery if you are using the wormery as a method of breeding worms for fishing and we will ensure that you receive pure Dendrobaenas and include a bag of worm meal to help fatten your worms. (see our Worm Facts page for some pros and cons of both main types of composting worm). 

When considering where to buy your wormery, make sure that you check the weight of worms that you will receive. Beware of companies not quoting the weight of worms supplied as you may end up with as little as 50g of worms. The most common reason for failure of any wormery is overfeeding, you therefore need as many worms as possible to give them a chance to breed to high enough numbers to cope with all your kitchen scraps. So the more worms the better, adult worms being the best as they will start breeding immediately. See our Worm Facts page for a comparison of Dendrobeanas vs Tigers. 

We recommend using a kilo of composting worms but are now supplying the Worm Works wormery with half a kilo of worms for those of you on a budget for only £74.50. If you chose this option it will take your wormery longer to reach its full composting capacity.

  • We despatch our worms in a bucket with plenty of bedding, not just a packet containing a small number of worms. 

A kilo of mature worms is weighed and placed gently back into their familiar bedding along with some cocoons present in the bedding.

The advantages of this are that should you not have the opportunity to set up your wormery immediately or it is a gift, you will easily be able to keep the worms until needed, provided the care instructions on the bucket are adhered to. 

Additionally, when you do set up your wormery, you place the entire contents of the bucket into the wormery. This means that the worms are already in familiar surroundings and do not need a 'settling in' period. 

The presence of cocoons means that you will have young stock coming on immediately.


The advantages of The Worm Works over other types of wormery:


  • An illustrated booklet is supplied with each wormery. This tells you everything you need to know, from how to set up your wormery, through all aspects of feeding/maintenance to harvesting your wormcast. We also provide a 2 page quick set-up guide which draws on our own experiences of using the Worm Works and of composting with worms.


  • The specifically designed perforated lid aids ventilation and prevents water logging. The lids are lipped and also have raised guides, around inside rim, which slot inside the trays. This means that the lid is held securely in place and fits firmly preventing worms from crawling out between the lid and tray. In very windy conditions the lid can be prevented from lifting off with the clips supplied.


  • The lid has basic bin management guidance printed on it so you know how to cope with whatever situation you are confronted with, whether it be what to feed the worms or how to achieve the correct moisture balance.

detailed view of sump and lid




  • Unlike some other cheaper stacking wormeries The Worm Works have an individually designed sump and lid rather than inverting their sump to use as a lid. This is illustrated above.


  • No sump can be described as drown proof, but the Worm Works has a shallow sump with a gradual gradient allowing the worms to easily crawl out, should a few they find their way there. We have found a shallow, gently sloping sump to be the best safeguard against drowning.


  • Each tray rests on the compost in the tray below, allowing the worms to move freely between trays. In some other stacking tray systems the trays rest on each other, making it difficult for the worms to move up to the next tray to feed.


  • New improved taps.


  • Worms need surface area to work effectively and each tray acts as an additional surface area for the worms. The size of the trays has been designed with both the worms and wormery users in mind. Worms mainly work in the top few inches of material so a deeper tray would be pointless. Also the trays are a manageable size and weight when full of damp vermicompost. Even manual workers may struggle with trays of a larger volume. Another concern that we would have with regard larger trays would be compaction of material in the lower trays, making it harder if not impossible for the worms to do their job.


  • Unlike some wormeries, whose legs have been known to buckle under their own weight as they fill up ,The Worm Works is very stable and strong. As with most stacking wormeries, the sump tray is screwed to the base to keep the wormery steady while lifting trays.


  • Should you have a large family and need more composting capacity, additional trays may be bought separately. The wormery can be stacked high without loosing any stability.


  • The Worm Works is tried and tested with thousands already sold. Just see our feedback page. 


HOW WE CAME TO SELL THE WORM WORKS WORMERY -We had been doing research for many months previous to the creation of, to design a worm bin that would work effectively and to get it manufactured. Unfortunately the costs were too high for us, but we managed to locate a worm bin that we believed would be efficient. Again costs were too high for us to obtain them ourselves but the manufacturer contacted us when an Irish company adapted the worm bin and created the Worm Works wormery in early 2007. We are proud to be the first company in Great Britain to start selling the Worm Works wormery.