Customer Feedback


We value the feedback we get from customers. Since we started our online business we have had many enquiring phone calls and emails, and also appreciating feedback of the service we provide, whether it is for the speed of delivery or the time spent on sharing our experience on worms and wormeries.
We would appreciate it a lot if you would share with us and other customers your experience with our products. Send us an email, and if you allow it we will post it on this site. We, as well as other customers, can learn a lot from your feedback.

John, Lincolnshire (November 2015)


having used other companies to top my worms up, I must say how pleased I am with the high quality of your bucket of worms. When I removed the bucket lid the worms stood up and waved to me with big smiling faces :-).unlike other companies who just put them in a bag and risk all the tumbles going through the postal system. some were even juggling the vast amounts of cocoons which I was very impressed with also.

worms 110% - excellent

delivery 100%

packaging 100%.

thanks you very much,

John :-)


John, Essex (August 2015)

A bucket of worms has arrived thank you. All safe and wriggling. Fantastic customer care and attention to detail. Really impressed!




 Jan, Cheshire (May 2015)

Thanks Julia,

The order duly arrived yesterday afternoon and I spent several hours making good use of the first bucket of fantastic worm cast.  The cocoons and worms it contained were a bonus and are being added to the wormery as and when uncovered.

The worms are in their new home and I'm just about to check they haven't gone crawlabout!

Thanks again for the high quality of your products and the efficient delivery.



 Steven, Lancashire (July 2014)


Just a quick note to let you know how pleased we were with the service and quality product you supplied, the worms were of the highest quality, in fact the whole process from inquiry through to delivery was first class. I was amongst other anglers who I showed my bucket o worms to, I'm pretty sure you'll be getting a call from theses guys when they need worms.

Once again thanks and I look forward to buying from you again.




 Susanne, Devon (April 2013)

 Hi Julia,

Thats fine. Thank you so much for letting me know.

I have been so impressed with the worms I ordered from you previously. They are "by far' the biggest and most active compost worms I have ever owned.

Many thanks,




David, Suffolk (July 2012)

Dear Sir,  

Just a thank you for the bucket of worms, they are some of the best worms I have ever bought, they have caught some stunning fish.  Am looking after them as per the instructions, that is something you do not get when buying from a tackle shop.  

Thanks again.  



Rick, Sussex (April 2012)

Hi Julia

Arrived safe and sound.
Excellent service, as ever. 

Regards Rick



Richard, Fife (March 2012)

Hi Julia

I got my worms today and I am well happy with them, really lively and healthy looking, they have now been transferred tot heir new home in my wormery so looking forward to them producing some good worm cast in the future.I will certainly be using your services again for sure. Can I just say it was a great pleasure dealing with you and I wish you and your family every success for the future.




Lesley, Surrey (September 2011)

Hi Julia,

I just wanted to let you know that I received the worms exactly when youpromised, and the Cubs had a very fun evening building their womeries. They've all been taken home for 'observation', and several parents have asked me for your website link as they are now interested in starting their own composting bins :)

Thanks again for your help,

Lesley :)



Sandra, Stirlingshire (June 2011)

Hi Julia, 

Just to let you know the worms arrived safe and sound on Wednesday as planned - thanks very much for accommodating the addition to my order!  Excellent service all round. 




Sylvia, Carmarthenshire (April 2011)


As the bad weather this winter decimated my 2 wormeries I had to buy worms for the first time since I set them up several years ago. I had to write and thank you for the lovely 1kg of worms you sent me. They were so well packed and looked fresh, lively and in the best of health when they arrived. I am so pleased with them.

Once again, thank you,


Ian, Lincolnshire (April 2011)

Dear Sir.

Last Wednesday I ordered a kilo of worms , and got them on the following Friday . I was very impressed with the rapid delivery and the quality of the product.

Thank you very much.



Alfred, Glasgow (August 2010)

I have purchased worms from other worm distributors online and in my opinion a bucket of worms is first class service quality of worms speed of delivery and most important healthy worms i certainly will be dealing with you again first class.

Dereck, Sheffield (July 2010)

Julia,Thanks a stack for the prompt delivery . I received 1 kg of worms as promised, the packaging is the best I've yet seen. I'll be back for sure.



Gordon, Tayside (June 2010)

Hi Julia,Many thanks for the 1/2 kilo of large worms for fishing. Prompt delivery again! They got here today just as you had said they should and a very substantial bucket of nice big, fat worms arrived by courier whilst I was out fishing this afternoon. This is the 2nd time I've ordered from you and having tried other suppliers previously (only to be regularly dissappointed with small/skinny worms) I have no intention of ordering from anyone apart from yourselves again. Absolutely superb, these will keep me well-provided for bait until the next time I need to place an order. Expect to hear from me again in a couple of months!

Many thanks again,



Simon, Somerset (May 2010)

Hi Julia,

I just wanted to leave some quick feedback on your worms.

They are amazing!!

hey are doing really well in my home made version of the vermigrand composter model you see on youtube, the only problem I have is getting the straw in my manure to break down so I am only left with worm cast, as a result I am trying pre-composting of the manure before feeding it to my worms. Other than that I intend to order more worms in the near future as I was really impressed with your service and I think I need about another 2kg to fill my composter!

Many thanks,


Andrew, North Yorkshire (April 2010)


Just as promised the Worm Works and bucket of worms arrived safely yesterday morning. Assembly of the Worm Works was straightforward and the worms are already installed and apparently happy.I am extremely pleased with the level of service I have received from you.I had considered other products as I researched which wormery to buy. I was persuaded by the apparent quality of the build of the Worm Works as a product and by the honest and helpful content of your website.I am delighted with my decision and happy for you to use this testimonial if you wish.

hope to deal with you again in the very near future.

Best regards and thank you once again for first class customer service

Andrew Fletcher

Simon, Northamptonshire (April 2010)

Hello Julia,

just to let you know that our wormery has arrived and Sally is thrilled. Worms have all sprung into life and we have just finished bedding them in as per instructions. I agree with you in respect of the green wormery, it looks great.

Many thanks for all your assistance and can now leave sal to it. She thinks it will help enormously with her seedlings and wider veg beds once we start producing liquid fertiliser and solid compost. Sal was intrigued as to how I thought up such a gift on my own, so just goes to show you should never under estimate us men.




Moz, (March 2010)

Dear Martyn & Julia

I just wanted to write and let you know that the womery, worms and worm cast has all arrived safely, and was delivered and put in exactly the right spot by the courier.

The set up was fairly straight forward (even with my somewhat neurotic terror of killing the worms! They have been happily worming about now for the past few weeks and I can't wait to get them really working in Summer so I can keep topping up my vege patch!T

he worm cast has been, FANTASTIC! I bought two buckets of the premium cast and have been mixing it with a soil based compost I have the plants I have potted with it this past few weeks are all doing so well. I fact they just look so healthy. Even with the frost which have befallen our area in the past few weeks the plants are still going strong! Very happy indeed!

Many thanks,


Idris, Carmarthenshire (August 2009)

Hello The Beers.

Purchased my wormery from you last October (19/10/08) Set it up straightaway with no problems. Overwintered in the shed insulated with one of my old coats and the worms seemed very happy, lots of cocoons and little ones to prove. The unit was purchased to produce vermicompost and the first batch was harvested in the early Spring, just in time to plant out my tomato, cucumbers,peppers, aubergine, courgette and melon plants. All grown in pots of a mixture of vermicompost, compost and vermiculite.Just a slight problem with night crawl after harvesting and changing the tray, but that was soon solved with a night light and everything settled down again after a couple of days, so no real problem.The unit was moved outside after last risk of frost and the worms are doing just fine. We went away for a month mid June to mid July, left plenty of wetted corrugated cardboard, crushed egg shell and worm food and everything was healthy when we returned. Guess the worms did not miss the weekly disturbance when the sump is checked for "dropouts" and feeding.

Now back to the vermicompost!! WOW what a crop everything has just thrived and we are so pleased with the results. By the way we have not used the leachate as a plant feed but prefer to pour it back into the wormery, following the advice of George Pilkinton. COMPOSTING WITH WORMS. Just ordered another two additional trays, have to make sure that I have sufficient supply of BLACK GOLD for the next growing season.

Everyone should have one of these

Many thanks



Marion, Kent (May 2009)

Hi Julia, 

The worms have arrived, wonderful, so many of them. If only I'd found your website originally, I would have saved some money and had the corrrect number of worms to get things going instead of the approx 4 oz that I recieved from another company, which though they were doing their best hadn't eaten much.If you have any tips on keeping them in good health and production I'd be delighted to know.

Wishing you all the best with your business

Kind regards



Ray Moore, Cornwall (March 2009)

Dear Julia, 

hank you so much for introducing me to the wonderful world of the wormery. I would like to write a short review to say how happy I am with bucket of worms !!!Review from a delighted customer

A complete novice. -------------------- How glad I was I found " bucket of worms".

Step 1. I looked on the web to find information on how to start up a wormery.

Step 2. I sent an e-mail and got an immediate and very informative reply. 

Step 3. I then ordered the " worm factory" and the recommended kg of composting worms.

Step 4. Wormery and worms arrived very quickly and I soon had the thing set up and running thanks to all the easy to follow information supplied with the kit

Worms arrived all in perfect condition in a bucket with loads of start up bedding to give the worms the best possible start. 


Barrye, Pembrokeshire (September 2008)


Just a quick line to let you know the worms arrived safely and were of tremendous help on my weeks fishing holiday giving me just the edge over my rivals.

The worms were of superb quality and lasted the full week, with the unused going into my compost heap upon return home.

Please feel free to use these few words if you require them as both the service and quality was first class.

Many thanks once again, you will be hearing from me before my next fishing expedition.



Robert Robertson, Stirlingshire (June 2008)

Hi there 

Just an email to let you know how pleased I was with your worms. I got them for the fishing in May and they are still going strong. I would recommend them to my other anglers as I have done to my friends. Well done for an excellent product.

Yours in sport

Robert Robertson 

Mike and Bob, Norfolk (April 2008)

Hi Juila and Martyn 

Thank you for such a quick delivery of the rescue pack which arrived this morning. My dad I have both started wormerys dad for composting his vegetable waste and myself for disposing of dog waste (we won't be using the compost it makes for anything that will be used for human consumption mainly for flowers). We both have set up and waiting to see the results from our new wriggly friends and will keep you posted on our progress.Once again thank you and we can't recommend you enough for service and advice that is supplied. So keep up the good work and if all goes well I'll be setting up one for the vegetable waste too.



Jo, East Sussex (March 2008)

Hello Julia,

I was just about to email you! I wanted to thank you for your reply to my question last week about adding an extra tray - I actually added my second tray tonight, a fact that I am weirdly proud of! :-)I cannot believe how happy and contented I feel having these worms in my life! The pride I get when I check on them every other day and see the proliferation of teeny little new worms in contrast to the huge, fat, happy big worms who are making short work of our household scraps!! We are already seasoned composters and regularly take a caddy of peelings, etc, down to our allotment, but having the worms here and seeing an almost immediate benefit from their wriggly presence, is great. Previously, we used to give the majority of our kitchen scraps (being vegetarian, plenty vegetable odds and ends) to our two pet rabbits who had free range of our smallish city garden, but sadly a fox found himself a tasty meal just before Christmas . . . meaning that until now we've had a lot more peelings going spare . . . . .

I am amazed at how quickly the worms have become established and how easy the whole process has been. They are currently situated in the kitchen as the temperature in the garden has been frequently below 5 overnight - but as soon as I am able, I will be moving them outside. A sceptical friend was surprised at how the only odour from the entire wormery was only detected when I held a handful of their rich compost right under her nose! And it's a *really lovely* earthy smell . . . . not sure I can say the same about the jar of crushed eggshells that I have been saving - I opened that this evening and we all had to retire from the room pretty sharpish!

As someone whose previous opinions of wormeries had been shaped by other people's festering heaps of rotting veggies and swarms of fruit flies, I really did my research before choosing the right wormery for us - and have continued to ensure that I am following the comprehensive instructions! It was a big gamble and quite an expense but I would not hesitate to not only recommend The Worm Works as a brilliant way of composting with worms, but also to express how impressed I have been by the friendly and attentive customer service that you have consistently provided. I would definately recommend Bucket Of Worms!

Of course, I would be more than happy for you to put my feedback on your site.

Thanks again for your help - I will let you know if I need any help with the much anticipated second tray.

Enjoy your weekend,

very best wishes,


Hello Jo

Congratulations, it sounds like everything is going very well in your wormery. They are obviously very happy, breeding well and cocoons hatching nicely. Everything that you have described in your wormery sounds completely normal and you are approaching it correctly. You will probably find that fewer and fewer worms go down into the collecting tray as the wormery gets more established. You will always find all sorts of 'bugs' in your wormery, they tend to be part and parcel of the composting process. The occasional, every 2-4 weeks, addition of small amounts of lime should prevent the wormery going acidic which can happen during the composting process.

If you cannot source any coir locally to you, the cheapest option would be to start a new tray using damp shredded newspaper and maybe a handful of compost from the first tray. I wouldn't take too much compost from your 1st tray yet, the worms are very happy and I wouldn't want to disturb the balance of such a newly established wormery.

As far as overfeeding goes, just make sure that the worms are active in amongst their current supply of food and that the scraps are well covered with wormcast before adding more food. From the sounds of things you are doing things just right. 

You may find that it will get too hot inside your kitchen during the warmer months and it would be wise to place the wormery outside in a shaded spot when this happens.

I hope the above helps you.

Kind regards


Hello Julia,

Well, we've had the wormery in our kitchen now for about 3 weeks and we are really very impressed with it! I read all of the instructions very carefully and set them up accordingly. The worms themselves are making quick work of the scraps that we have given them so far and there is a great deal of fine compost in the bottom tray already - we are really impressed. I haven't added a second tray yet as I am unsure of what bedding I should put in - should I wait until there is a bit more of their own 'compost' and stick that in, about an inch thick? Will that be enough or should I find some more coir bedding from somewhere?

When we've checked on them, we've noticed many conjoined worms and lots of new cocoons, so I presume that they are happy enough. However, there seem to be quite a few cocoons dropping down into the collecting tray (as well as a few bigger worms) and so we've been gently moving them up. Is this okay? Also, when we lift the lid, we often find between 6 and 10 tiny baby worms clinging to the lid - is this normal? Again, we've been moving them back under the damp newspaper.

Finally, we seem to have *lots* of little bugs - I am presuming they are mites. Does this mean that we have overfed the wormery? Should I be doing anything about the mites, or just leave them to get on with it?? As the wormery is sited in the kitchen at the moment, I thought I should check to see whether these bugs might cause a problem outside of the wormery!

Thanks again for your help,

best wishes,



Chris, West Yorkshire (November 2007)

Before ordering my wormery from Bucket of Worms, I had already spoken to another supplier of the same wormery who confirmed that the quantity of worms supplied would be 100/150. The person on the other end of the phone was just someone working in a customer service department who was less than enthusiastic and seemed to possess no personal knowledge or experience.

After speaking to Julia I was in no doubt that this was the right place to order my Wormery. The wormery arrived two days later (a week ago today), well packaged and in good condition. At the moment I am a little concerned that I haven’t got it quite right.

By the time I had followed the instructions, added the contents of the bucket of worms and three days later added a layer of scraps, the bottom tray is only about one and half inches at the most from the top. Should I start the second tray and what it the best way of doing this. Do I just start adding scraps to the second tray??I looked at the first tray this morning and the worms were in among the scraps but the scraps don’t seem to be disappearing yet. I appreciate that I may appear to be being impatient, but I am only concerned that I get it right for the worms.

Sorry to be a nuisance, your advice would be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards

Hello Chris,It sounds like you have done everything right so far. Do not add a second tray yet, just keep the first one for the moment. It is still very early days and you need to remember that the worms are not only eating your scraps but the bedding that they were supplied in and the coir. When the scraps that you have added get quite blotchy with wormcast, then it should be safe to add more scraps (a thin layer). You just need to take it easy for the first 2-3 months, the biggest reason for failure of a wormery is overfeeding!!

Where have you got your wormery? the cold weather does slow down their metabolism.

Did you get our wormery addendum with your wormery. If not let me know and I will email it to you. That will give ideas on how to start another tray (probably not needed for another month).

Just let me know if you have any more questions.

Good luck and best wishes


Hi Julia,

Thank you for your speedy response.

I have placed the wormery in my greenhouse, which is insulated with bubblewrap and I have a sheet of extra thick fleece to cover it with if necessary.

Thanks again.

Kind regards


Hello Chris

Tray to feedI have attached a couple of pictures of one of our wormery trays (now onto tray no6) that I have just checked and could do with more food. You can still see some food but it has a good covering of wormcast. Hope it helps to give you an idea of when to feed.Maybe feed them one more time and then add another tray - when I emailed this morning I forgot that the first tray fills up quickly because of all the bedding supplied with the worms. By adding another tray you are also spreading the feeding over two trays, reducing the risk of overfeeding (remember to initially feed in very thin layers).

Good luck


Don, Cheshire (August 2007)

Thanks Julia,

Worms arrived safely at 11.00am Thank you for your excellent service and hopefully, I will soon have some good compost!!


Murdo, Cambridgeshire (August 2007)

Hello Julia,

Just to let you know I received my bucket of worms today Thursday and I am most impressed by the quality of the product, packaging and delivery.

Kind Regards

Phill, Cheshire (August 2007)

Dear Julia

The worms arrived (via the courier I have to point out!) before 9.00am this morning and are currently eating us out of house and home. :) 

Many thanks for the very prompt delivery, Julia. No doubt I will be ordering other stuff from you at some point in the future.

Best wishes

Ingrid van Agtmael, Wiltshire (July 2007)

If, like me, you want a wormery but can't make any sense of all the different makes, models and types on the market, I'd strongly advise you to buy one from this family-run business.
I had spoken to lots of companies who none of them left me any the wiser. Julia at Bucket of Worms, however, was so friendly and gave me plenty of time to explain about the workings of the Worm Works and why it was better than most. At first I felt that the Worm Works cost more than I wanted to spend, but I am confident that it's worth the little bit extra.
The Worm Works and its inhabitants (a whole kilo of them, unlike all other wormeries, together with 2 kilos each of worm treat and lime) arrived the day after ordering. The (american) instruction guide is not as clear as I would like, but I phoned Bucket of Worms several times and each time Julia took all the time in the world to give advice and guidance.
If like me you can't see the wood for the trees (or the worms for the wormeries), buy your wormery from this friendly but professional company!!

Boyd, Norfolk (July 2007)

Hi Julia

Just to let you know that the wormery arrived yesterday and the worms have moved into there new home and settling in. Thank you again for your speedy service.


Calum, Isle-of-Lewis, Western Isles (July 2007)

Just want to say bucket arrived last wednesday all in good order. Many thanks for all your help and hope to deal with you again sometime.