About us

We are very much a family business, based in North Devon. In addition to being traditional beef and arable farmers, we started worm farming in 2002 supplying worms for a large-scale commercial composting company, local fishermen and wormery owners. Having accumulated a lot of 'worm knowledge' we felt we could better serve our own customers by sharing some of our knowledge via the internet and at the beginning of 2007 we decided to go it alone and supply worms to our own customers only.

We decided, after exhausting all our old ice-cream/margarine containers etc to splash out and supply our worms in a bucket to make it more convenient for our customers, hence "www.bucketofworms.co.uk"


Hand picking our worms is a time consuming occupation, but ensures only the best medium to large adult worms are picked and sold. All worms are now bred and  fattened in our indoor unit before being hand picked for sale. Once picked your worms will be with you in 24 hours, with no unnecessary handling or storage. You can't get worms any fresher than that!


We sell our worms mixed with bedding material. Along with our worm care instructions printed on the back of our buckets, this will enable you to keep your worms fresh and wriggly for weeks and even months.


We had been doing research for many months previous to the creation of www.bucketofworms.co.uk, to design a worm bin that would work effectively and to get it manufactured. Unfortunately the costs were too high for us, but we managed to locate a worm bin that we believed would be efficient. The manufacturer contacted us when an Irish company adapted the worm bin and created the Worm Works wormery in early 2007. We are proud to be the first company in Great Britain to start selling the Worm Works wormery.