Fishing Worms

FishingThe Dendrobaena worm is one of the most popular earth worms used for fishing. It is a particularly tough and wriggly worm which can survive in cold water for long periods, remaining tasty and tempting to fish. Dendrobaenas can be used in brackish waters; dabs, mullet and other estuary fish have been caught using this fishing worm. In fresh water this worm is a favourite of carp, tench, roach, perch and bream. During the summer months our largest fishing worms are very popular for salmon and sea trout fishing.
If no preference is specified, then a mix of worms for fishing will be sent to you. Our worms are of a good size in general (approx 1.5 - 2 grams), but if you would like a larger sample of fishing worms please order Large Worms. 

We sell our worms in a bucket for two main reasons: They don't get damaged in the post, reaching you in perfect condition. Secondly, fishermen like the convenience of receiving their live bait in a bucket containing bedding material that will sustain them for several weeks. Directions for keeping your live fishing worms in tiptop condition are printed on the back of the bucket.
If you live in our locality and wish to buy fishing worms, please contact us for special rates and to arrange a collection time.


Note: weight of worms sold is clean worms only, not compost and worms together. We mix bedding material to worms after weighing.

Important Note: We now only breed our fishing worms indoors. This ensures that our fishing worms are pure Dendrobaenas. Many Dendrobaena worm farmers breed their worms in outdoor beds. Although the Dendras are prevented from leaving the beds, there is no way of preventing the smaller brandling/red/tiger worms from entering. When harvesting worms it is very difficult to effectively separate the different types of worms. Therefore if you want to ensure that the worms you buy are the bigger, tougher and wriggly Dendrobaena worms, be wary of worms bred outdoors. When buying from us, please opt for Fishing worms at checkout.



My first season using your worms and salmon so far 7 since I bought them from you in late October one at 4 lbs two at 6 an 8 a 10 a 12 and on Monday last week a 13.5. With the salmon season nearing an end I can't wait for next year!"

Salmon caught by Andy