Premium Wormcast

Premium Wormcast

Wormcast is the best natural fertilizer available to man:

15 litres now supplied in breathable bags.

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Great for top dressing lawns.Rejuvenate your growbags by working in 25% wormcast.

For Hanging Baskets & Pot Plants mix 20 % Wormcast with normal compost or soil.

Ensure Great germination by mixing in worm cast with your normal compost.


When transplanting shrubs or trees a small amount around the roots will ensure the Plant will have the best chance to thrive.



We now sell the wormcast in breathable bags, packed on the morning of dispatch to ensure you receive the product at it's best. You will receive about 15 litres of wormcast.


Please note that if ordering more than 2 of this product we will need to make an additional delivery charge due to its weight (approx 15kg in weight each).


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